Why PredictiveLoop?

PredictiveLoop is the first solution designed from the ground up to enable retailers and brands to collaborate around premium audience data to enhance brands’ marketing ROI. We created a SaaS that will securely and automatically enable sharing of aggregated ecommerce data with top brand partners. We combine this with machine learning based predictive analytics for intelligent segmentation and engagement capabilities to finally close the marketing loop for brands.


We have created a turnkey, same day install, zero maintenance SaaS solution that will scale to all of your suppliers, as well as provide them with the tools to improve how they market for you.

  • Free, same day implementation - no maintenance or upkeep
  • Earn free paying traffic to your website
  • Increase the value for brands to sell with you
  • Earn money on your data
  • Turnkey brand relations solution to manage data and marketing with your suppliers
  • Full data security - All data is kept on your side – No user tagging

Second party data, or customer information from your ecommerce partners is arguably the most important data set. It’s also the hardest to get a complete and clear picture of in real time. We will get you access to this important segment of Big Data while making it actionable for you and your team.

  • Finally get access to valuable ecommerce traffic data
  • Target customers with high projected income
  • Engage your customers virtually anywhere: ads, email, ecommerce, etc.
  • Minimize number of churned customers
  • Win back lost customers
  • Optimize your customer acquisition process
  • Extend customer LTV in their unique retail environment
  • Have full sales based BI capabilities for price strategy, new products, up sale, geo analysis, etc.
  • No software implementation required
About Us

PredictiveLoop was founded in Tel Aviv in 2013 by technology and data leaders. We are experts at developing ecommerce solutions based on deep science including machine learning, natural language processing and text mining. We enable brands to get insights previously unavailable to them on how consumers interact with their products on ecommerce platforms. We have developed future trends and algorithmic predictions to identify your premium customers, their Life Time Value, churn rate, and many other value based KPIs. This empowers you to make marketing actions, including targeting on ad exchanges, based on real consumer activity, and not just imperfect third party data. Backed by a well-known VC, PredictiveLoop has offices in New York City & Tel Aviv.

Getting Started

Nothing can be easier than getting started with PredictiveLoop. We’ll have you up and driving in no time

  • Retailers, just Contact Us and request your free solution.
  • Brands, Contact Us and let us know what retailers are most important to you.
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Telephone: 646-851-0823

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